Coliseum Invaded By Brazilians

Coliseum Christmas Tree
Coliseum at Christmas

The Coliseum (or Colosseum) is in the news again today after it was invaded in the early hours of 16 January by drunk tourists!

Two Brazilian tourists managed to scale the fence surrounding the Coliseum before climbing a security gate.

Their final obstacle which is a 4 metre drop into the ancient amphitheatre however proved to be their undoing.

As the drunk pair made their daring break-in, they injured themselves when attempting to jump to distant ground below.  One of the two fractured their pelvis and the Coliseum was once again witness to blood curdling cries for help.

Despite security forces being stationed at the Coliseum 24 hrs a day as part of anti-terrorism measures, they failed to detect the boisturous drunk intruders until they were inside the monument.

This intrusion comes after a number of other tourists had recently been arrested after damaging the Coliseum by carving their initials into the ancient stonework.

Fortunately, on this occasion the only damage suffered was to the bones of the two drunkards.


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