The Best Christmas Present To Buy

Christmas is almost here! Are you trying to find the best Christmas present to buy for your loves ones? This year try something different, give your loves ones an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

With Eternal City Tours you can gift your loved ones with a voucher for any of our tours, redeemable at any date of their choosing.

Choose from our list of award-winning guided tours that are sure to create cherished memories that last a lifetime:

Colosseum Ancient Rome Tour

Colosseum, Rome

This award winning tour will let your loved one discover the political & social center of an Empire that would rule from Portugal to Iran, from Britain to the north of Africa – all ruled from the Imperial Roman Forum.  Continue Reading

Passion of Christ Tour

Holy Stairs

The Passion of Christ Tour is our most popular pilgrim tour, it’s the ideal guided tour for those visiting the Catholic pilgrimage sites in Rome. Your loved one will see some of the most iconic relics of the early Christian church, including wood from the manger in which the baby Jesus once lay. Continue Reading

St Benedict Tour

St Benedict

Apart from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Apostles, it is hard to think of anyone who has affected the development of Western Civilisation as much as St Benedict of Nursia. Your loved one will experience a tour that explores the life and times of St Benedict, learn more about the monastic origins, the twists and turns of its development through history, and the structure of the Order of St Benedict today. Continue Reading

Rome Catacombs Tour

Rome, Catacombs
Credit TripAdvisor

The Rome Catacombs Tour will allow your loved one to visit the world’s largest underground burial channels which are a testament to the world’s largest ancient Christian community.  Continue Reading

Click here to see our complete list of award-winning guided tours!

This year, make it a memorable Christmas! Give your loved ones cherished memories and truly transformational experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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The Best Time Of Year To Visit Rome

Rome’s mouth-watering food, picturesque views, historically significant sites and rich culture has drawn tourists from around the world for as long as we care to remember. We’re often asked when the best time of year to visit Rome is, so we decided provide a comprehensive roundup to help you plan your trip to the Eternal City!

Winter in Rome
December – March

Winter in Rome
Credit: Bookmundi

During winter in Rome you’ll see far less tourists than you would in the warmer months, so it’s the perfect time to be able to explore museums and popular tourist destinations without the crowds. If you’re lucky you might even experience snow in Rome, turning the city into a true winter wonderland. Winter in Rome also means it’s theatre season, so you’ll be able to soak in even more of the Italian culture by seeing some of the most popular opera and theatre performances.

If you don’t mind the cold and you’d like to avoid the crowds while still enjoying the rich Italian culture, winter is the best time of year to visit Rome for you.

Spring in Rome
April – May

Spring in Rome
Credit: Ciao Citalia

If you’re lucky enough to visit Rome during spring, you’ll experience the stunning flowers in bloom and a city waking up from it’s winter slumber. It’s not yet bustling with tourists, so you’ll still be able to enjoy a more quiet experience when visiting popular tourist destinations. Due to Italy’s very seasonal cuisine, you’ll be able to experience a whole new side to Italian food that will satisfy any foodies cravings.

The weather warms up to a more comfortable temperature, so getting lost in Rome’s beautiful streets becomes even more of a joy during this time of year.

Summer in Rome
June – August

Summer in Rome
Credit: Go With Oh

Summer is when Rome comes alive with people from all around the world and festivals that are sure to make your trip a memorable one. It’s hot and the smell of amazing Italian food fills the air. In summer, there’s always something happening in Rome. You can attend the Italian festivals like Festa della Repubblica (2nd of June) which is the Italian National Day, or Ferragosto (15th of August) which also coincides with the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. If you like parties, festivals and a city bustling with activity then summer is the best time of year to visit Rome for you.

Summer is also the time when locals go to the countryside or the mountains for their annual holidays. So if you’re wanting to spend time with locals, sipping your coffee at a quiet cafe, we would recommend a different time of year for your visit to Rome.

Autumn in Rome
September – November

Autumn in Rome
Credit: Lonely Planet

If you’re a food and wine lover, autumn is the best time of year to visit Rome. With tourist season winding down, the gorgeous fall scenery and the countrywide food and wine festivals starting – You’re sure to have an experience worth repeating. Delve into the amazing chocolate, ancient wines and delicious seasonal truffles on offer for an experience for yours senses.

Autumn in Rome is when temperatures start cooling down, so exploring the city on foot is a lot more enjoyable than the hotter summer months.

Whatever time of year you’re planning to visit Rome, you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience. Rome is a city that operates 365 days a year, so tours in Rome are always available no matter when you decide to visit.

Comment below to tell us about your experience of Rome, and when you think the best time of year to visit Rome is.

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5 Tourist Mistakes When Visiting Rome

When visiting a new destination, it can be difficult to be completely prepared. You might have managed to pack exactly what you need within the ludicrous airline baggage restrictions (according to my wife). You might have even managed getting the whole family to the same location without anyone getting lost along the way. However, there are always the little helpful tips we wish we’d known beforehand to make our trip even more enjoyable. I’m going to give you the 5 most common tourist mistakes when visiting Rome.

1. Not Carrying Cash

The first mistake when visiting Rome is not carrying any cash. Many of us have loved the idea of not having to carry cash as often anymore. Paying for almost everything back home using a credit or debit card, never having to handle cash that can get lost or stolen.  Though many businesses in Rome have moved to card systems in recent years, there is still a large number of small businesses that have not yet implemented this (including small family restaurants and even the public transport system). Bringing cash along with you and converting when arriving in Rome is an option, but I would recommend avoiding carrying large amounts of cash on you. Definitely bring about 100 EUR with you, but rather use local ATMs for withdrawing only the cash you need for short periods at a time.

Bonus Tip: Ensure that you tell your bank you’ll be in Rome, or they might block access to you card.

2. Buying Public Transport Tickets

Bus in RomePublic transport in Italy is a bit more complicated (of course) than you might be used to back home. One of the most common mistakes when visiting Rome is not buying public transport tickets before boarding. In Rome, you aren’t able to buy public transport tickets when boarding a bus or a train. Tickets must be bought either at the entrance of a metro station at one of the ticketing machines, this is usually the most convenient. If you’re not near a metro station, you’ll have to find a Tabachi (newsagent) marked with a large “T” that sell tickets as well. Fortunately there are plenty dotted throughout the city, but remember to buy your ticket before attempting to board any public transport in Rome to avoid problems with officials.

For more information, we have a great guide on the best ways to travel around Rome.

3. Wearing Shorts at Holy Sites

For many of us a holiday means T-shirts, shorts and flip flops. When exploring Rome, this is still very much a pleasant possibility. However, it’s important to dress more sensibly when visiting holy sites in Rome. For some holy sites, shorts below the knees and a T-shirt that covers the shoulders should suffice. In some cases, an official might give you a piece of fabric to wrap around yourself should they feel that your outfit is a bit revealing. Officials at sites considered even more important, will deny you access altogether if you’re not wearing long pants with shoulders covered. So be mindful of where you’re visiting, dress accordingly and you’ll be fine.

4. Restaurant Service Fees

One of our most frustrating mistakes when visiting Rome, was not checking for service fees at a restaurant. In touristy areas in Rome, a “Coperto” or seating charge will be applicable if you sit down for your meal. This extra charge can range from 1.50 EUR to 4 EUR, in addition to the actual food bill. For some restaurants, not charging a service fee is a marketing tactic, so be sure to ask about service fees before sitting down for a meal. Unfortunately the fee is unavoidable if you want to experience some of the amazing restaurants throughout Rome.

5. Planning Too Much

Something we hear from many tourists is that they tried to cram too much into their itinerary. This I believe is one of the big mistakes when visiting Rome. They tried to do too much, and as a result felt too rushed to actually enjoy what they were doing and before they knew it their time in Rome was up. When planning a trip to Rome, we recommend having one or two main activities planned like a tour through Rome, but allowing the trip to take it’s course and planning as you go along. This way you aren’t forced to miss something you truly want to see because you’ve booked an itinerary that allows for nothing else. Enjoy Rome, take your time and savour the beautiful sites, the interesting people, the amazing food and of course the coffee!

I hope that this list gives you some ideas for your next visit to Rome. If you think we’ve missed something, please comment below. We always love hearing from our readers!

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