Have a little Valentine’s ROME-ance…2020

Love is in the air…To celebrate we have created some fantastic Romantic and Valentine tours for you to lavish upon your loved one.

Perfect as a gift for Valentine’s day, a Wedding Gift or an Anniversary Gift, these experience would also be ideal for an unusual St Valentine’s Day gift that gives a memory and not just something boring like flowers or chocolates: Continue reading “Have a little Valentine’s ROME-ance…2020”

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The Best Christmas Present To Buy

Christmas is almost here! Are you trying to find the best Christmas present to buy for your loves ones? This year try something different, give your loves ones an experience they’ll remember for the rest of their lives!

With Eternal City Tours you can gift your loved ones with a voucher for any of our tours, redeemable at any date of their choosing.

Choose from our list of award-winning guided tours that are sure to create cherished memories that last a lifetime:

Colosseum Ancient Rome Tour

Colosseum, Rome

This award winning tour will let your loved one discover the political & social center of an Empire that would rule from Portugal to Iran, from Britain to the north of Africa – all ruled from the Imperial Roman Forum.  Continue Reading

Passion of Christ Tour

Holy Stairs

The Passion of Christ Tour is our most popular pilgrim tour, it’s the ideal guided tour for those visiting the Catholic pilgrimage sites in Rome. Your loved one will see some of the most iconic relics of the early Christian church, including wood from the manger in which the baby Jesus once lay. Continue Reading

St Benedict Tour

St Benedict

Apart from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Apostles, it is hard to think of anyone who has affected the development of Western Civilisation as much as St Benedict of Nursia. Your loved one will experience a tour that explores the life and times of St Benedict, learn more about the monastic origins, the twists and turns of its development through history, and the structure of the Order of St Benedict today. Continue Reading

Rome Catacombs Tour

Rome, Catacombs
Credit TripAdvisor

The Rome Catacombs Tour will allow your loved one to visit the world’s largest underground burial channels which are a testament to the world’s largest ancient Christian community.  Continue Reading

Click here to see our complete list of award-winning guided tours!

This year, make it a memorable Christmas! Give your loved ones cherished memories and truly transformational experiences that will stay with them for a lifetime.

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