Holy Week & Easter in Rome 2018

Rome is an amazing place to experience the end of Lent and beginning of Easter. There is so much history and tradition in Rome – the heart of the Church – that one cannot help but feel the past come to life in your own experiences. Checkout our 9 Amazing Ways to experience Easter in Rome below: Continue reading “Holy Week & Easter in Rome 2018”

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Best Guide To New Years Eve In Rome 2017 – 2018

If you will be spending New Years Eve In Rome 2017/2018 no doubt you will be wondering what you can do to celebrate the turning of the New Year.

Why don’t you take a look at our 5 suggestions to have the best time in Rome for New Year:

Enjoy The Craic At Scholar’s Lounge Irish Pub

Probably the most popular and biggest pub in Rome, Scholar’s Lounge is an Irish American Pub close to Piazza Venezia that is open until around 6am on New Years Day in Rome.

If you are lookin for a party atmosphere and great fun, then this is the place to be for tourists and many locals to party through the night.

Entry is free before 11pm and the DJ plays until 6am

You can find Scholars Lounge next to the prime minister’s residence at

Scholar’s Lounge, 101b Via dei Plebiscito, Roma, 00186

Finnegan Begin Again

The most popular pub with expats, this is less touristy than Scholar’s Lounge, much smaller but with a much friendlier and homely atmosphere.

Located in the best area of Rome – Monti, Finnegan’s Irish pub is very close to the Coliseum although the easiest way to get there is by Line B of the Metro System to Cavour station.

You can find Finnegans at:

Finnegan’s Irish Pub, Via Leonina 66, Rome 00186.

Shamrock Italian Irish Pub

Just down the road from the Coliseum and around 10 mins walk from Finnegans, you can find the Shamrock.  Although this is in Irish pub, it is very popular with Roman Italians and certain expats.

In fact, this is where most of the expat tour guides of Rome drink.  New Years Eve is always heaving in Shamrock, everyone is super friendly and the party goes on to the early hours.

Shamrock Pub, Via del Colosseo 1C, 00184, Roma, Italy

Coliseum at New Years Eve
Coliseum at New Years Eve

See The Fireworks

Like all major capital cities, Rome will put on a large fireworks display at the begining of the New Year.

In Rome, the best places to congregate for New Year are the Coliseum and the Vittorio Emanuelle II monument at Piazza Venezia.

These two places always attract large crowds and the atmosphere is always special.  These places also have the advantage of being close to the three pubs mentioned above!!

If however, you want to have a great vantage point to see the beauty of the Rome fireworks display, then you may also consider going to the summit of the Gianicolo Hill to gaze over the skyline of Rome as the colours explode before you.

Piazza del Popolo

In addition to Piazza Venezia and the Coliseum mentioned above, another large meeting point for revellers is Piazza del Popolo.  Translated as the People’s Square, this Piazza attracts thousands of locals and tourists alike.

There are also often rock bands that play for the event for free at the Piazza and the vantage point on the Villa Borghese hill above the square is also a great place to view the fireworks whilst surrouded by classical statuary of Roman Emperors!

Villa Borghese park also have various cultural and musical event happening to keep you partying throughout the night!

Can you think of anything else in Rome or your favourite events?  If so, why not share them in the comments section below…

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Overview of Early Christianity in Rome (From St Paul to Constantine)

Jews and Christians

Jesus was a Jew.  The Gospel of Luke gives the geneology of Jesus going all the way back to Adam – our Father in the Flesh.  The Gospel of St Matthew also begins by giving the geneology of Jesus in the line descended from the Jewish Patriarch – Abraham – our Father in Faith.

The chronology of salvation history is intimitely intwined with these two geneologies which show Jesus as the fulfilment of all that had come before.  If you read the Jewish Scriptures contained in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Jewish religion hangs upon the principle of family – that certain people were part of God’s family – and that you were made part of God’s family by a binding Covenant between God and mankind.

There were 5 major covenants in the Jewish development:

Continue reading “Overview of Early Christianity in Rome (From St Paul to Constantine)”

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English Mass in Rome – A Complete Guide

If you are going on holiday to Rome and you need to know where you can hear Mass in English, then this Complete Guide to the English Mass in Rome is what you need.

Gone are the days when the whole Church was united in their liturgical worship with the use of Latin.  Instead, local countries offer the Mass in their own language – in Rome’s case – Italian.  In days of globalisation and cheap travel, the timing of this change is poor to say the least.

Fear not, there are multiple places in Rome where you can attend an English Mass.  We have included a list below of all relevant information both for an English Sunday Mass, and for English Weekday Masses.

Continue reading “English Mass in Rome – A Complete Guide”

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Using The Bus In Rome – Rome Public Transport

There are 4 main forms of Public Transport in Rome, namely: Bus, Metro, Tram & Train.  This article tells you everything you need to know about using the bus in Rome.

You may also be interested in our complete Guide to Travel Around Rome which also deals with how to arrive into Rome.

Rome’s Bus Company – ATAC

The public transport system in Rome is run by a company called ATAC which is notorious for its regular transport strikes (sciopero), overcrowded buses, ticket inspectors that target tourists despite the fact that virtually no-one else pays, and corruption.

Continue reading “Using The Bus In Rome – Rome Public Transport”

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See The Pope At Spanish Steps Piazza Di Spagna For The Immaculate Conception

Pope Visits The Statue
Pope Visits The Statue

For those who would like to see the Pope at the Spanish Steps of Piazza di Spagna for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception 2017, then please keep reading.

Each year, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the Pope makes his way amongst the crowds to the Spanish Steps area of Rome, renowned for its designer boutiques and lively commercial atmosphere on the run up to Christmas. Continue reading “See The Pope At Spanish Steps Piazza Di Spagna For The Immaculate Conception”

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Midnight Mass With The Pope & Christmas Day In Rome

If you are going to spend Christmas Eve & Christmas Day in Rome, you may feel a little lonely.  Everyone is with their family or makign Christmas preparations, shops, businesses and some tourist sites are closed.  So what can you do in Rome on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Fear not, we are here to help you understand that Rome is full of things to do at Christmas – many of which are totally free!  Take a look at 5 of our suggestions below: Continue reading “Midnight Mass With The Pope & Christmas Day In Rome”

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15 Best Things To Do For Christmas In Rome 2017

Christmas in Rome is a very special season.  Check out our 15 Best Things To Do For Christmas In Rome 2017 below for some fantastic ideas of what to do for those who will be in Rome for Christmas in 2017.

Continue reading “15 Best Things To Do For Christmas In Rome 2017”

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Earthquake In Central Italy Shakes Rome

Earthquake in Central Italy
Earthquake in Central Italy

At 10:25am local time on 18 January 2017, a magnitude 5.3 earthquake  in central Italy struck 5km west of the town of Amatrice.  49 mins later at 11:14am a second earthquake occurred measuring 5.7 on the richter scale and then just 11 mins after that, at 11:25am, a third earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred.1

Continue reading “Earthquake In Central Italy Shakes Rome”

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