18 Interesting World Firsts Of Rome

Rome is a city of World Firsts.  Want to impress people with your knowledge of Rome – perhaps the most important city the world has ever seen – then these 18 Interesting World Firsts of Rome will wow your friends.

Rome boasts:

  1. The First Apartment Buildings – 40,000 of them up to 5 stories high! Apartments outnumbered single family homes by 20:1
  2. Trajan’s Market was the First Shopping Mall and was 4 stories tall and had 150 shops and offices.
  3. Monte Testaccio was the world’s First Landfill Site and was more than 115 feet tall and held 53 million pieces of trash.
  4. Rome was also the First to enjoy Running Water and was available for wealthy homes with owners paying an ancient utility tax based on pipe size and usage.
  5. The Hypocaust of Rome was the world’s First Central Heating System which funneled warm gas and air below floors.
  6. Rome was the First To Employ Street Cleaners, Traffic Wardens, Firemen & even Funeral Directors who buried Romans outside of the city walls.
  7. Rome was also the city to have the First Postal Service and even Daily Newspaper.
  8. Romans enjoyed the world’s First Public Welfare System which could dispense free grain to up to 300,000 families each year.
  9. Roman engineers perfected the First Concrete which enabled them to build their large structures.
  10. Rome was the First City To Boast 1 million Residents by 1AD.  It would be 1800 years before another city (London) that surpassed that number.
  11. Rome’s Pantheon was the First and Largest Concrete Domed Building for more than 18 centuries.
  12. Circus Maximus was the world’s First and Biggest Sports Arena that held 5 times more spectators than Yankee Stadium.
  13. Rome had the First and Best Water Supply Systems in the Ancient World
  14. 11 aqueducts brought more than 200 million gallons of water into the city every day!
  15. There were 1300 public drinking fountains and 144 public toilets.
  16. Rome had 850 private baths and 11 public ones, the largest of which covered 32 acres.
  17. Despite this there was still enough water left over to fill the Coliseum and other venues for epic naval battles.
  18. All of this water eventually flowed into the Cloaca Maxima the world’s First Sewage System which is still used today.

World Firsts of Rome

Rome World Firsts
Rome World Firsts
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