Coliseum Ancient Rome Tour

Take a tour of the magnificent Coliseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill...

  • Coliseum and Imperial Roman Forum Pic

    Coliseum and Imperial Roman Forum

  • Awe-inspiring Coliseum Pic

    Awe-inspiring Coliseum

  • Hypogeum - Hidden Coliseum Pic

    Hypogeum - Hidden Coliseum

  • Imperial Roman Forum Pic

    Imperial Roman Forum

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Colosseum, Roman Forum & Ancient History of Rome Tour Description

Skip the time consuming lines and take a tour through one of the most significant archaeological sites in the world - the Coliseum (aka Colosseum and the Colosseo) & Ancient Rome.

This award winning tour enables you to discover the political & social center of an Empire that would rule from Portugal to Iran, from Britain to all the north of Africa - all ruled from the Imperial Roman Forum.

Starting your tour you see the mastery of the world’s most renowned stadium - the Coliseum. Hear the roar of the crowd as our fascinating English speaking professional guide transports you back in time to the blood of the arena. Learn of the gladiators who risked brutal death in pursuit of glory and how the early Christians were slaughtered here by both man and beast.

We then go on to see the Palatine Hill - the place of the foundation of Rome by the legendary Romulus after killing his brother Remus. You will be fascinated with the allegory of Rome’s mythological beginnings to the archaeology of the area around you: baths, palaces, banquet halls, basilicas and temples. It is amongst these hidden treasures that you will make your way to the political heart of an empire - the Roman Forum.

In the Roman Forum, you will learn about a death far more tragic than the death recounted by William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Julius Caesar - the death of the Great Roman Republic.

The Coliseum & Ancient Rome Tour is a fabulous tour and not to be missed for anyone visiting Rome. By booking with Eternal City Tours you are guaranteed highly trained professional English speaking guides who will bring the history to life and keep you rivetted to the drama of the historic riches surrounding you. Our tours have won countless awards and we enjoy a 5 star ranking in TripAdvisor. So what are you waiting for? Book Today before our places sell out! Simply use our secure online booking system below...


Highlights of this tour include:

  • The Coliseum (aka Colosseo & Colosseum) 1st and 2nd levels
  • Vomitorii
Palatine Hill
  • House of Augustus (exterior)
  • House of Livy (exterior)
  • Hippodrome of Domitian
  • Baths of Trajan
  • Farnese Gardens
Roman Forum
  • Basilica Julia
  • Rostra (speaking podium)
  • Curia (Senate House)
  • Temple of Saturn
  • Temple of Antoninus Pius
  • Temple of Caesar “Place of his cremation”

Start Times

9am (Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays)


3 hours


Meeting Point

Above Colosseo Metro Station at balcony overlooking Coliseum

Directions: If you are at the exit of the Coliseum Metro re-enter the metro station and walk down the corridor to your immediate left then take the stairs up to the second level of the Metro.

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What Other People Are Saying (14 Reviews)

"Incredible Experiences"
October 09, 2017
5 5 out of 5
I can't say enough about the excellent service and incredible experience we enjoyed in dealing with Eternal City Tours. From the planning logistics with Tom to the actual tours, we were so impressed. Our first tour was so informative and moving with Nick. We thought he had to be the best. And then the next day Chad took us on the Coliseum Ancient Rome tour and we were equally impressed. Both our guides were exceptionally considerate and eager to answer our questions (although they left us with very few questions as they were so thorough). We could not have been more pleased. Thank you, Eternal City Tours for making our time so memorable!
Reviewed by
"Tours of Rome"
September 13, 2017
5 5 out of 5
We book 3 tours (Vatican, Catacombs & Coliseum) on our first visit to Rome and so pleased we did, the tours and guides were amazing, made it so much easier and informative to be guided round, wouldn't have been the same on our own. Would highly recommend . Thank you Tom, James and Natalia. Nina&Dave
Reviewed by
"We had 4 Fantastic Tours!"
June 20, 2017
5 5 out of 5
Our family (two adults and three young kids) had three fantastic tours with Eternal City Tours. Tom was great to work with to set up the tours. Our tour guides were James, Natalie and Paul. All three of them were VERY knowledgeable and and entertained us and the kids perfectly. The attention/information/entertainment we got absolutely made our trip fantastic. After the tours they also gave us great local advice on places to eat. After you see all of the people on poor tours you realize how great these tours are. Could not recommend Eternal City Tours more and especially James, Natalie and Paul.
Reviewed by
"Great Guides, Very Informative!"
September 15, 2016
5 5 out of 5
We did both the Vatican and Coliseum tours. Their guides were very informative, educated and fun! Highly recommend them.
Reviewed by
"An Excellent Tour Guide!"
September 14, 2016
5 5 out of 5
If you are looking for an exciting, inspiring and fun way to learn about the history and culture of Ancient Rome, do not miss Roman Forum tour or any other that is guided by Paul. I had a great privilege to meet Rome in such an extraordinary way. His enthusiastic and passionate approach fascinated me as well as his great knowledge and expertize. He knows everything about places, and his stories weren't like a history lesson at all, it was an amazing journey through life of Romans. I can't wait to go again and highly recommend him!
Reviewed by
August 08, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Paul had a vast amount of knowledge and was great at being both informative but also entertaining. He happily answered a wide (and often meandering) list of questions from us and struck the right balance between 'geeky' history points and more broad information to teach us but also keep us engaged. The proof is in the pudding in that we came back for the evening tour too (the day was around the Roman forum and the evening included lots of different places) he obviously loves the city and had a great understanding of not just what happened, but why it happened. This was so much better than doing it on our own - i'd say it's a must-do for anyone who really wants to understand Rome.
Reviewed by
"The Very Best Way To Experience Rome."
August 01, 2016
5 5 out of 5
About a year ago, my friend and I took a private tour with Paul. The main focus of the tour was on the Roman Forum and Vatican, but we also heard a lot of interesting information about other important parts of Rome, especially those most relevant for Christianity (which we were most interested in). We all know how beautiful Rome is, so that came as no surprise to me, but this tour was the first time I realized how important it is to have a good tour guide. Not only does Paul know every single fact about the places he takes you to, but he also has a much broader education regarding the western intellectual history and a great ability to quickly make links between different fields of knowledge. Therefore, listening to him we were not confronted with pure facts, i.e., names and dates we would anyway forget soon, but we felt as if we were drawn right into the middle of a very interesting movie. This made our tour a unique experience that we cannot possibly forget. Moreover, talking about Rome is not just a job for Paul. This guy obviously LOVES the city with all his heart, so, although he's American, his soul is Roman and I really doubt you could find a more genuinely "native" guide than he is. I warmly recommend him, and hope to be part of some of his tours in the near future again.
Reviewed by
"Excellent Family with Kids Trip through Ancient Rome"
July 31, 2016
5 5 out of 5
We had an excellent tour of the Colosseum and the ancient Roman Forum with our guide. She was an incredible fountain of knowledge that she was able to tailor for kids, adults, and grandparent in the group. She did a great job of manuevering us through the Colosseum with ample attention paid to the group's need for shade, rest, and water. Our kids (ages 5-13) really enjoyed the tour, the "competition" for points with the quizzes, and the very thoughtful "prizes" at the end (books). Francesca was wonderful and we would highly recommend this company and guide to other families looking to visit Rome.
Reviewed by
"An Expert Tour Guide!"
July 19, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Thanks to our tour guide, Paul; my husband and I had a wonderful learning experience touring the Roman Forum and the Vatican City Museums. Paul is extremely knowledgeable on the fascinating history of Ancient Rome and the early Renaissance religion which made the tour that much more interesting and exciting. I highly recommend Paul to those seeking an expert tour guide. He is also very sociable and takes time to answer any questions you have.
Reviewed by
"A Passionate Guide!"
July 14, 2016
5 5 out of 5
My family of four were part of a tour group who visited Palatine Hill with Paul. His deep knowledge of the events of long-ago times and the significance of the first great experiment in democracy really brought the whole story to life. The way the ruins of the old Senate and city forum has been left is a testament to the reverence in which the site is held by the city of Rome: the real estate must be worth a fortune. Paul has a passionate appreciation for the events of the Rome of the past and his re-telling of the story of betrayal by and of Julius Caesar really opened my eyes to its profound historical meaning. I recommend Paul as a guide. He really cares and this makes him stand out among many guides we had in Europe.
Reviewed by
"The Forum With Paul"
July 01, 2016
5 5 out of 5
The tour of the Forum was truly an enriching experience due to the expertise and knowledge of Paul. The guided tour was personalised and inclusive of all. Paul engaged participants encouraging inquiry and acknowledging thoughts and reflections. We walked with the Etruscans, glimpsed another time and place being transported through history by the considered and thoughtful presentation by Paul. This tour met the needs of lovers of history and academics alike.
Reviewed by
"A Master In Story-telling!"
June 21, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Paul was our guide at the site of the Forum Romanum. He is a great guide: interesting facts and figures about what happend there a long time ago. As he is An American, he told us info that we never heard before. Our history teachers are not so honest. They have another point of view in European history. I can recommend him!
Reviewed by
"Great Tour!"
March 27, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Great tour - the whole family enjoyed it very much. Kids aged 9 & 12 had a great time and learned a lot.
Reviewed by
"A Sophisticated & Informative Tour!"
March 24, 2016
5 5 out of 5
A sophisticated, informative tour of the Colosseum, the Forum and Palatine area with guide James, who is a walking encyclopaedia on every issue and historical period. Our family of four, including 15 and 19 year old sons, was engrossed for four hours. Highly recommended. Eternal Tours is the premium service for travellers who want more than the Disneyland version of history.
Reviewed by