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See the awe-inspiring St Peter’s Basilica together with the Vatican City Museums & Sistine Chapel...

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Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica Tour Description

The Vatican & Sistine Chapel Tour is one of the most popular guided tours of Rome. Every Rome tour company offers a Vatican Tour. However, there are only a handful of Catholic tour operators in Rome, and our award winning tour company is considered the best and most Catholic.

If you're looking for a mediocre Vatican tour like everyone else then we're not for you. If however you're looking for a Catholic tour of the Vatican by committed Catholic tour guides with professional art history qualifications, then you have found the best tour.

Of course the Vatican City is at the heart of the Catholic Church and is in fact classified as a separate country. To truly understand the history and features that you will see in the Basilica of St Peter, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, things should be presented against the backdrop of Catholic belief. Only then does the full force and meaning of the features, monuments, statuary, art, architecture and splendour you will see, truly become clear.

Beginning in the Vatican Museums after skipping the long lines, you will take an educational journey through one of the largest collections of Greek and Roman statuary in the world and learn about the dedication and genius behind some of the greatest contributions to all of western art. Marvel at the most magnificent expression of Renaissance art in the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's world famous frescoed ceiling.

See the Rooms of Raphael, a man whose talents were said to have rivaled nature herself.

See St Peters Basilica one of the greatest monuments in all a Christendom built over the course of centuries above a simple Christian tomb at the base of the Vatican hill. This tomb of course contains the bones of St Peter himself. Why not also book our Sts Peter & Paul in Rome Tour to see the principal places associated with these two earliest saints including the Mamertine Prison where they were imprisoned, and the Basilica of St Paul where St Paul's body lies to this day...

Also within the Basilica of St Peter, one can wonder and contemplate the death of Christ before Michelangelo's 'Pieta', the most admired statue in all the world sculpted by the 23 year old hands of the most famous of renaissance artists Michelangelo Buonarroti. For the Catholics amongst you, you may even have the opportunity to have confession here in the very bosom of our Mother Church.

Eternal City Tours are one of the finest providers of religious tours in Rome with a particular focus on Catholic Christianity. All of our guides are highly educated and able to convey the true and accurate interpretation of what is before you. Other tour companies and guides do not have this level of insight and in fact can often be anti-Catholic.


Highlights of this tour include:

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Vatican Museums
  • Basilica of St Peter
  • Michelangelo's Pietà
  • Raphael Rooms

Start Times

9am or 2:30pm (excluding Sunday)


3 hours


Meeting Point

Ottaviano Metro Station by the green kiosk.

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What Other People Are Saying (11 Reviews)

"We had 4 Fantastic Tours!"
June 20, 2017
5 5 out of 5
Our family (two adults and three young kids) had three fantastic tours with Eternal City Tours. Tom was great to work with to set up the tours. Our tour guides were James, Natalie and Paul. All three of them were VERY knowledgeable and and entertained us and the kids perfectly. The attention/information/entertainment we got absolutely made our trip fantastic. After the tours they also gave us great local advice on places to eat. After you see all of the people on poor tours you realize how great these tours are. Could not recommend Eternal City Tours more and especially James, Natalie and Paul.
Reviewed by
"Thank you!!"
June 20, 2017
5 5 out of 5
Blitch (Passion of Christ) and Mark Anthony (Vatican Tour) were wonderful. Couldn't even remotely compare to the experience we would have had one our own. Thank you!!
Reviewed by
"Superb Vatican & Basilicas Tour"
April 05, 2017
5 5 out of 5
My son and I have just returned from a visit to Rome. We booked a private tour day with eternal city tours which was amazing. Our guides were both learned and streetwise! They gave us the theology and history, cultural & political, of each place we visited and showed us truly memorable aspects. Thank you Blitch and Natalie for looking after us and making our short time in Rome more of a joy than we hoped for.
Reviewed by
"The Tour is Awesome!"
February 20, 2017
5 5 out of 5
We are extremely happy and amazed with blitch! His mindfulness is off the charts and the way he listens to us and my elderly father was just awesome. He was very patient and endearing! He is ready to offer assistance upto giving tissues when we cry. The tour is awesome! Will highly recommend!
Reviewed by
"Wonderful Tour & Guide"
January 26, 2017
5 5 out of 5
We were met by Mark Anthony a very knowledgeable guide who toured us privately through Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter's Basilica. His knowledge about the Catholic faith & art history was so enriching. He made our trip to the Vatican complete. I would recommend him and Eternal City tours again! Eternal City Tours was very prompt in setting up our tour and were very good with communicating with me while in Rome. Very professional and personal attention which we appreciated.
Reviewed by
"Great Guides, Very Informative!"
September 15, 2016
5 5 out of 5
We did both the Vatican and Coliseum tours. Their guides were very informative, educated and fun! Highly recommend them.
Reviewed by
"Andrea was an excellent guide!"
August 16, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Andrea was an excellent guide and with a PHD in Art History, his knowledge was exceptional! There was a bit of confusion regarding our tickets for our start time, but Andrea sorted it out. Aside from the heat and crowds, we would highly recommend this tour.
Reviewed by
"The Very Best Way To Experience Rome."
August 01, 2016
5 5 out of 5
About a year ago, my friend and I took a private tour with Paul. The main focus of the tour was on the Roman Forum and Vatican, but we also heard a lot of interesting information about other important parts of Rome, especially those most relevant for Christianity (which we were most interested in). We all know how beautiful Rome is, so that came as no surprise to me, but this tour was the first time I realized how important it is to have a good tour guide. Not only does Paul know every single fact about the places he takes you to, but he also has a much broader education regarding the western intellectual history and a great ability to quickly make links between different fields of knowledge. Therefore, listening to him we were not confronted with pure facts, i.e., names and dates we would anyway forget soon, but we felt as if we were drawn right into the middle of a very interesting movie. This made our tour a unique experience that we cannot possibly forget. Moreover, talking about Rome is not just a job for Paul. This guy obviously LOVES the city with all his heart, so, although he's American, his soul is Roman and I really doubt you could find a more genuinely "native" guide than he is. I warmly recommend him, and hope to be part of some of his tours in the near future again.
Reviewed by
"Our Tour Was Outstanding For Our Family!"
July 19, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Our tour was outstanding for our family. Our tour guide was kind, professional, passionate, and knowledgeable. He taught us about the history of Rome, the art period, and the important things to observe. He tied it all together for us, so that we could begin to understand its significance and beauty. Without our tour guide, we would not have known what to notice or the value of much of what we were viewing.
We would recommend the VIP tour option - it truly was worth every penny! Our tour "group" was simply our family, with a personal tour guide! We were able to ask questions and didn't have to use any microphone or headset. Also we did not have to wait in any lines!
From the bottom of our hearts, our family says thank you!
Reviewed by
"An Expert Tour Guide!"
July 19, 2016
5 5 out of 5
Thanks to our tour guide, Paul; my husband and I had a wonderful learning experience touring the Roman Forum and the Vatican City Museums. Paul is extremely knowledgeable on the fascinating history of Ancient Rome and the early Renaissance religion which made the tour that much more interesting and exciting. I highly recommend Paul to those seeking an expert tour guide. He is also very sociable and takes time to answer any questions you have.
Reviewed by
"We Had A Wonderful Tour!"
May 24, 2016
5 5 out of 5
We had a wonderful visit and tour of the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica on our visit to Rome. My husband and I and 3 young adult children enjoyed the tour very much - given by Giorgia. Giorgia was very knowledgeable, friendly and spoke very good English. In the midst of the very thick crowds we were able to enjoy the personal and informative tour. I highly recommend Eternal City Tours for a comprehensive and Catholic guided tour...... will use them again if/when I return!
Reviewed by