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Pilgrim Tours of Rome

Above, you will find a selection of Pilgrim Tours in Rome to supplement the activities of your Pilgrim Group. These Rome Pilgrim Tours have been specially formulated along the traditional pilgrimage sites of Rome to ensure that your pilgrimage to Rome is enriching and full of grace.

All of our guides are committed practising Catholics with degree level qualifications in either Philosophy, Theology, Art History, Ancient History or Archaeology. Far from being dry or boring however, our guides are fun and engaging and suitable for all ages and understandings.

If the pilgrim tour or itinerary you would like to do is not listed above, then we would be happy to make a custom tailor made tour for you and your group. Simply email us directly at or visit our Contact Page to let us know your group size, envisaged dates and itinerary wishes and we will get back to you straight away.

Pilgrimage Packages in Rome

In addition to the individual Catholic Pilgrim Tours that are listed above, we also offer multi-day Pilgrimage Packages that offer a detailed itinerary for your pilgrimage group over a number of days. Our pilgrimage packages tend to be based around a theme, whether that be Marian Devotion, Franciscan or Benedictine Spirituality, Eucharist Devotion or simply Traditional Rome Pilgrimage itineries, each of our packages are perfect for those organising a pilgrimage to Rome and are unsure how to fit everything together. These pilgrimages are 'straight from the box' and a perfect way to take all of the stress out of organising your pilgrimage group.

As mentioned above however, if you would like to have a pilgrimage package but want us to tailor make a custom pilgrimage for you, then that is absolutely not problem. Simply get in touch with us directly at or visit our Contact Page to let us know your group size, envisaged dates and itinerary wishes and we will get back to you straight away.

Our Reputation

When organising a pilgrimage, one has to remember that for the majority of pilgrims, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This can feel daunting at first, which is why it is best to reach out to professional pilgrimage providers such as ourselves. We have over a decades worth of experience organising pilgrimages and looking after pilgrims to Rome.

So much so, that we have been recognised with prestigious awards from such industry leading publications as the Luxury Travel Awards who awarded us the title of Cultural Tour Operator of the Year for Rome in 2016, and then have recently also awarded us the even more prestigious Cultural Tour Operator of the Year for whole of Italy 2017.

Cultural Tour Operator of the Year For Italy 2017
Cultural Tour Operator of the Year for Italy 2017

In addition to the travel industry professional awards, we also enjoy a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor from many of our happy customers. Take a look at our reviews for added confidence of our skills and professionalism. We only employ committed Catholic professional guides and for this reason we can be considered THE Catholic Tour Company in Rome. If you would still like more feedback from our previous customers however, please contact us and we would be happy to share the contact details of our past pilgrimage customers or parish priests who have booked with us in the past. Let them tell you their experience of booking pilgrimage activities with us...!